Statice developed a wide range of advanced products for chocolate specialists. Tempering by seeding, chocolate quality verification (tempermeter), viscosity and flow measurements become easy to achieve. Production quality is under control. Productivity is clearly improved and process are simplified. Chocolate masses, coatings, glazing pralines, ganache, fillings (one shot or extrusion) are successfully made.


My Canadian friend Christophe Morel made me discover the Magic Temper two years ago.

I have the chance to work in the chocolate industry for many years, and when I started a year ago to use this machine, I was impressed. This is, for me, the machine to have: it works rapidly and efficiently, the process is easily reproducible and it is simple to use.

The concept is intelligent, as it is a nice and simple way to pre-crystallise chocolate and interiors without any risk of contamination, etc.

Once we understood the four basic notions of the machine, we use it for the tempering of all kind of chocolate, mixture of cocoa butter and colorant for the chocolate moulds, for the interiors based on praline or gianduja, for ganaches or spreads.

I am sure that in the next few years, this machine becomes vital in all chocolate labs.

Chocolate Chef & Creative Director @ Cacao Barry