Le tempérage pour les pâtissiers et chocolatiers

Magic Temper Exotherm Smart

The Magic Temper

Magic Temper utilisation


Tempering by seeding

The MAGIC TEMPER MT-3K (3kg) tempers easily by seeding chocolate masses, coatings, glazing pralines, ganache and fillings.

The device is used for the empering of batches with a daily output from 300 kg to 600 kg. It is designed for chocolate makers and R&D centers in industry.

The framed interiors are ready to be cut within 1 to 3 hours instead of 12h or 24h.

With the MAGIC TEMPER MT-3K, tempering is quick and 100% safe.


  • Seeding with stable polymorphic forms (more rapid crystallization)
  • Higher quality of texture, better resistance to fat bloom, better brightness
  • Easy, rapid and reproducible tempering of coatings, gazing pralines and ganache
  • Tempering of fillings for one-shot, dispenser or extrusion
  • Avoids contamination of flavors (marble tempering)
  • Possibility to run gazing pralines at higher temperatures
  • Safe digital regulation of temperature
  • Cover with thermal shield
  • Setting range of the tank : from +30,0 °C to +35,0 °C / precision : 0,1 °C
  • Easy cleaning : bottom of the tank and outer surfaces eradicated


  • Dimensions : 237 x 277 x 412 mm
  • Masse : 6,2 Kg
  • Niveau de bruit mode normal : < 45 dB
  • Alimentation externe : secteur 100 V à 240 V - 50/60 Hz – 12 V - 120 W


What are the advantages of the Magic Temper?

The Magic Temper enables to crystallize every single mass that contains cocoa butter and milk fats: chocolate, coatings, insides, butter cream, sprayings, ganaches, pralines & spread pastes (every greasy interiors)...

Sometimes my chocolates are blooming, can the Magic Temper prevent from that?

The Magic Temper participate actively to improve resistance to blooming since other parameters that affect optimimum crystallization are also upheld: quantity of crystals of the cocoa butter from the Magic Temper and cooling rate (time; temperature). Blooming is multifactorial, it's the result of either a bad tempering or a bad storage.

Can the Magic Temper help with my coating machine?

If your coating machine can cut cool and work in isothermal mode (temperature between 32.5°C and 33°C) then the answer is yes! Afterwards, the added chocolate must be around those temperatures.


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