Tempering by seeding

The MAGIC TEMPER MT-3K (3kg) tempers easily by seeding chocolate masses, coatings, glazing pralines, ganache and fillings.

The device is used for the empering of batches with a daily output from 300 kg to 600 kg. It is designed for chocolate makers and R&D centers in industry.

The framed interiors are ready to be cut within 1 to 3 hours instead of 12h or 24h.

With the MAGIC TEMPER MT-3K, tempering is quick and 100% safe.

  • Seeding with stable polymorphic forms (more rapid crystallization)
  • Higher quality of texture, better resistance to fat bloom, better brightness
  • Easy, rapid and reproducible tempering of coatings, gazing pralines and ganache
  • Tempering of fillings for one-shot, dispenser or extrusion
  • Avoids contamination of flavors (marble tempering)
  • Possibility to run gazing pralines at higher temperatures
  • Safe digital regulation of temperature
  • Cover with thermal shield
  • Setting range of the tank : from +30,0 °C to +35,0 °C / precision : 0,1 °C
  • Easy cleaning : bottom of the tank and outer surfaces eradicated
  • Food-grade aluminium tank for a controlled thermal diffusion
  • Dimensions (L x D x H) : 237 x 277 x 412 mm
  • Weight : 6,2 Kg
  • Power : AC adaptor 100 V to 240 V - 50/60 Hz - 12 V - 120 W